RIMS AVID Roundtable

Oak Hills High School

November 01, 2022 Kelly Hogan-Flowers and Stephanie Downey Season 2 Episode 3
Oak Hills High School
RIMS AVID Roundtable
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RIMS AVID Roundtable
Oak Hills High School
Nov 01, 2022 Season 2 Episode 3
Kelly Hogan-Flowers and Stephanie Downey

Today, we have an incredibly special treat for you. We can't talk about AVID without talking about kids, and what the AVID experience means to them. So who better to ask about how students feel about AVID than actual AVID students. Today we're talking to a fantastic group of students from Oak Hills High School.

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Show Notes Transcript

Today, we have an incredibly special treat for you. We can't talk about AVID without talking about kids, and what the AVID experience means to them. So who better to ask about how students feel about AVID than actual AVID students. Today we're talking to a fantastic group of students from Oak Hills High School.

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Music by ItsWatR from Pixabay - Cali


Audrey  00:00

And that’s what’s so cool and exciting and to be I sometimes I feel like an outsider to what's going on with them. And that's how it should be like it should I should be the outsider watching them build this family and build this community. And we're just there to sort of give them ways to do that.


Stephanie  00:29

Hello AVID Family this is Stephanie Downey 



and I'm Kelly Hogan-Flowers


Stephanie  00:32

From RIMS AVID and you're listening to the RIMS AVID Roundtable, the podcast where we discuss all things AVID. Twice each month on this podcast, we get together with special guests to talk about their AVID journey. They will tell their story and explain what makes them an AVID Rockstar. They will share their ideas, best practices, and strategies that they've learned along the way.


Kelli  00:51

Today, we have an incredibly special treat for you. We can't talk about AVID without talking about kids, and what the AVID experience means to them. So who better to ask about how students feel about AVID than actual AVID students. Today we're talking to a fantastic group of students from Oak Hills High School, a little background about Oak Hills High School. The school opened in 2009 and they have been an AVID school since day one. Oak Hills is such a terrific example of how AVID works when support comes from all sides. Everyone from Hesperia Unified Superintendent Dave Olney to the Oak Hills principal Mike Capps, they've all been AVID trained, and they are absolutely all in for AVID. When you walk on their campus, it's immediately evident that AVID is really who they are and what they do. Stephanie, producer Dave and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the campus and talk to the kids about AVID, they definitely did not disappoint. Their stories are all different. But the AVID love, it's the same. So, sit back, relax. And let's hear from the kids. Oh, and a side note, contrary to the belief of one of the AVID students, I absolutely do not run AVID, I'm not the boss of AVID, regardless of what the student might think about AVID boss. So starting off, let's hear from our AVID nine students. 




Kelli  00:00

Nathan, could you introduce yourself and tell us? What does AVID mean to you?


Nathan  00:06

I'm Nathan Pyle, I've been an AVID for three years now ever since they first came to my school, and I signed up immediately. It's it's really good environment. It's honestly, it's helped me a lot. The tutorials I heard a lot help you a lot more in high school than they do in middle school. But it was good to be prepared.


Kelli  00:22

And so you said you sign up immediately. So why did you sign up, but what made you sign up?


Nathan  00:26

Knotts trip. They, I got switched, actually out of my class, and six are in fifth grade. My teacher wasn't there. So I ended up, we got split up. And I ended up being able to go to the AVID thing earlier than I was supposed to, because I got put into sixth grade class. So I was able to go to that assembly two times. And each both times they sounded good. And I thought it'd be a good experience. If I want to go to college. I'm pretty sure I pretty much be first generation at least if I finished. So yeah, when I finished. So I thought it'd be a good opportunity to take an early college prep class. Awesome.


Stephanie  01:05

And how was AVID made you a better student?


Nathan  01:07

It's, I'd say responsibility. They do put a lot of responsibility on you. And it's not even a lot. It's just they expect it from you. And you kind of have to prove yourself, but it's not hard, as long as you just be you. Yeah. 


Kelli  01:20

And so is it helping you be you? 


Nathan  01:21

Yeah, it's helped me feel more comfortable, especially around people. You know, it helps a lot of people. I've always been one to talk to people, just because but it's helped a lot of people feel more closer to others.


Kelli  01:32

Okay, and my last question for you. So you're in ninth grade now. And I know it's a long way off. But what do you think you might be looking for as far as college and career


Nathan  01:43

um, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, mechanical engineer, and major, major mechanical engineering minor in psychology. 


Stephanie  01:51

Love it. 


Nathan  01:52

Yeah. college basketball, college, football, track, cross country, all of it. 


Kelli  01:58

Work, doing all the things expecting great things from you Nathan. Alright. Thanks so much for joining us.


Stephanie  02:03

Thank you.  Hi. So go ahead and introduce yourself and tell us how long you've been in AVID.


Kaitlin  02:09

Hi, I'm Kaitlin Ochoa. And I've been at an AVID for a year now. And I really enjoy it. So fun.


Stephanie  02:16

And you're in ninth grade. Right? So this is your first year? Yeah. Ninth grade. Oh, that's awesome. And what does it mean to you so far,


Kaitlin  02:22

AVID's meant so much to me, I just really love how we all became a big family right in the beginning of the year. And normally, I'm just really shy to talk to people but in AVID, they made me feel super comfortable. And I just like love being in that class. And I think it's one of my favorite classes now.


Kelli  02:39

Tell us what, what change has added made for you as a student.


Kaitlin  02:44

The chang that AVID has made and like for me as a student personally, is it's helped me manage my time. Because as a student athlete, because I do cheer and dance. It's really hard to like, figure out what time should I do homework or anything else besides my sports and school and it's really like just helped me like know when there's a spot for me or like, just like, know what days I can't like, be free. It's just really helped me a lot. And I really appreciate it.


Stephanie  03:13

And what does AVID helped you learn about yourself?


Kaitlin  03:16

AVID  helped me learn about myself that anything's really like possible if I really put my mind to it. Like I said, I was nervous before to talk to people. And it's really changed. Like, I can just go talk to someone if I really just don't think about it. Like it's always like, so nerve wracking, but in AVID I can just talk so freely and just like, not worry about anyone judging me.


Kelli  03:38

Awesome. That's great. So Kaitlin, what are your plans for the future for college and career?


Diego  03:43

So three colleges I really been looking at was Texas Tech, UNLV, and ASU, I really want to do criminal justice and still, like, carry on with my dance career, because I really love both. And I think it's really fun to watch and learn about crimes and stuff like that. So I really think that's something I want to pursue. 


Kelli  04:02

Okay. All right. So, Kaitlin, thank you so much for being with us. And we're expecting really great things from you in the future.


Kaitlin  04:10

Thank you. Thank you.


Megan  04:12

I'm Megan. I'm in ninth grade. I've been an AVID for three years now.


Kelli  04:16

Okay, and what do you tell us what you love about it?


Megan  04:19

I love how like all like, it pushed me to meet new people. Because usually I'm like, I can't talk to people like I'm really I keep to myself a lot. But me being in AVID I was able to like experience more and like, kind of build bonds with new people.


Stephanie  04:32

How do you feel like it's made you a better student,


Megan  04:34

it made me a better student because before when I was in middle school, I was like, kind of all over the place. Like I couldn't keep myself together. And then being an AVID kind of, like, pushed me to be more organized and more like, focused.


Kelli  04:48

So is that your Is that your favorite part about it?


Megan  04:50

Yeah, I would say and not only but like you kind of brought us together as a family. So I know like that's like a second family to me. Like it's like a second home you in way. 


Kelli  05:00



Stephanie  05:01

Can I just say that I love that they've all said AVID family, you know, that's my thing. I know also that you guys are in the ninth grade and you just got here a few months ago and they already feel that way. Yeah, like, what does that say about your guys's AVID program that you already feel that connected and it's September? I love it so much.


Kelli  05:16

Yep, they're doing good stuff. So let's talk about your future plans. What do you think? 


Megan  05:22

My future plans? I don't know what college I want to go to yet. I'm still looking into that. But I know I want to be a pediatric surgeon when I'm older.


Stephanie  05:28

Oh, nice.


Kelli  05:30

All right. Excellent. Well, thanks for being with us today. And good luck to you.


Megan  05:36

Thank you for having me. 


Stephanie  05:37

All right. So go to introduce yourself and tell us how long you've been in AVID.


Michael  05:41

My name is Michael Phillips. And this is my first year in AVID.


Kelli  05:44

First year, so what made you decide to join AVID,


Michael  05:48

I was actually invited into AVID by the Oak Hills faculty. At the time, it was a surprise to me, because I hadn't been in school for a really long time, I was actually in a group home at the time. And when I got the invite, it was sent to my house at first and it took a few days to get to me. After that. I just wrote the application essay. And I turned in all my stuff and I got accepted.


Kelli  06:12

And so how is that? How is that How's AVID helped you?


Michael  06:16

It has established a different sense of responsibility in me and time management to I also really appreciate how it's taught me to just generally have like a better sense of maturity and assertiveness in certain situations. I think he's just made me overall, like more serious about my education.


Kelli  06:34

Well, you seem super, super mature. I was surprised that you were a freshman actually, because you just came in with such I don't know, such command of the room.


Stephanie  06:46

And so what have you learned about yourself from AVID


Michael  06:49

That I was nowhere near? As I don't really know how to like articulate it, but like, I wasn't able to manage my time as well as I thought it would. And just having that agenda and having this routine every day when I walk into the classes really helped me and having that family that I could just like walk into and have that sense of home while also having that sense of like, um, what is it called when you have like, people who you like, your community? Yeah, just having that type of community around me, has really helped me in general. I think it's changed me as a student, because, yeah, just knowing that I'm able to come in there and I'm able to work, but also have fun with people who are like family to me is really helped.


Kelli  07:33

It's helped you find your people. Yes. Awesome. What else do you want to share about AVID?


Michael  07:41

I wasn't, I never actually planned to go into it. Honestly, I thought about it. Because I always knew that I wanted a career path that went into college. I would be second generation my mom just graduated with a bachelor's degree I think. I never I never planned any of this. I just thought that it would help me in the long run. I think it would help me like not only with my education here, but my education in the future and what I'm going to do after high school because it's not going to be this way forever. You know, like, it's not I need to have a plan. And if plan A doesn't go right then I need to have a plan B and I think AVID is really helping me understand that too. Nice. Very good.


Kelli  08:21

Oh, gotta have a plan A and a plan B. Awesome. 


Stephanie  08:25

And so where are you thinking about going or do you think about studying?


Michael  08:28

I my first choice is Penn State. My second choice is University of Tennessee and I want to go into forensic science to become a forensic pathologist. I don't really know what I want to minor in but something that I also thought about doing because I am in a percussion section is going into RCC or maybe if I get sewn up DCI


Kelli  08:48

Okay. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Well, thanks, Michael. Thanks for joining us and keep up the good work.


Michael  08:55

Thank you 


Kelli  08:55

All right


Stephanie  09:23

All right, so go to introduce yourself, let us know what grade you're in and how long have you been an AVID?


Hannah  09:29

Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm in 10th grade and this is my second year in AVID. 


Kelli  09:36

So how do you like it so far?


Hannah  09:37

I've been really enjoying it. It's really helped me just grow keep up on my work especially and mainly grades and stuff and helped me grow.


Stephanie  09:48

Love it. So talking about growth, how do you feel like it's changed you as a student as a person?


Hannah  09:53

Um, honestly, I so I've always struggled in the math. This is something that I know pretty and AVID has really helped me keep on top of it and like with, like tutorials, especially, it gives me a way where I can work on math and other classes that I struggle with during class and during the school day, which has really, really helped me as a student.


Kelli  10:17

Shout out to tutorial. So it's made you a better student.


Hannah  10:24

Yes, of course. Especially like when it comes to like, once again, keeping up on work and stuff, because I am not the most organized person in the world.


Stephanie  10:36

Preach for me over here.


Hannah  10:37

It forces me to like, keep myself organized and like, keep myself up out of grades in just helped me overall.


Stephanie  10:46

That's awesome. And so what's your favorite part about AVID?


Hannah  10:49

Well, besides the field trips, of course, just the environment, it's really friendly. And everyone there is like, super nice. So it's really like a family.


Kelli  10:59

I was just gonna say so you guys have an AVID family that Yeah. Okay. And if you had to finish the sentence because of AVID, what would you say? Because of AVID what?


Hannah  11:11

Because of AVID, I've been able to grow and learn more about colleges and career paths.


Stephanie  11:20

Love it. And what advice would you give to a student who was thinking about joining AVID, but wasn't sure


Hannah  11:26

If it's for you, because obviously, if it isn't for everyone, there's people who aren't gonna thrive in it. But if it is for you should totally do it. It's an amazing program that will really help you succeed and learn more about yourself and about how you learn.


Kelli  11:41

I love it. Awesome. And you talked a little bit about college and career. So what are you thinking, but you know, where do you think you might want to go to school? What do you think you might want to study?


Hannah  11:50

So currently, I'm thinking of going to Cal State San Bernardino with a psychology major. And after I finished college, I'm considering being a children therapist or a school psychologist.


Kelli  12:05

Nice, amazing way to give back and love it. All right. Well, thank you so much for being our guest. We've loved having you. And good luck to you. 


Hannah  12:14

Of course, thank you so much. 


Kelli  12:16

Welcome and why don't you go ahead and start by telling us your name, your grade, and how long you've been in AVID.


Haya  12:22

Hi, my name is Haya Beaushabin, and I'm a sophomore at Oak Hills High School. I've been in AVID for three years isn't my fourth year because I like started AVID in seventh grade.


Kelli  12:37

Okay. And so what do you what do you like about AVID?


Haya  12:41

AVID has just been like a place like I could rely on like, it's been a class that where I could go and I could guarantee that I have my teachers support. Whether if I'm struggling in a class, or I just need help with something. And it's always been a place that I could go to? And it's like, a place like where I have support.


Stephanie  13:07

Awesome. And how do you feel like AVID has changed you as a student? 


Haya  13:13

AVID has  been very has it changed me. It's made me more organized. I could say because before like AVID I, I had my papers were everywhere. But now like I'm super like organized. And I have my binder and my dividers, and I'm always hole punching stuff to get them out of my folders. And I don't know, it's been like it's made me it's definitely made me more organized. And, like made me more informed about my future. Because I've realized, like other people who are not an AVID don't really know what I'm talking about when I mentioned stuff about like college or like like AP classes or things like that. And I just know, I just feel like I'm more informed. And that's amazing.


Kelli  14:04

And so you talked about that organization. Does that feel so much better? To be organized?


Haya  14:09

Yes, it does. Honestly just feel it makes me feel like I have my life together for once. So it's a good thing. Yes.


Kelli  14:18

Awesome. So if I say because of AVID, what would you say because of AVID what for you?


Haya  14:25

Because of AVID, I've met a lot of new people. I've experienced a lot of things I feel like AVID like is, like everyone else said is like a second family to me. The relationships I made last year were amazing. And I definitely met a lot of new people. And I'm hoping to do that this year. But AVID really has been a place where I could like meet new people. Like it's just been a family to me. 


Kelli  14:55



Stephanie  14:56

I love that. And how do you feel like avonds prepared you for call College right, your sophomore year, you're moving through this kind of feel prepared.


Haya  15:04

Yeah, I feel like I know, a whole bunch of, like, the classes I want to take, because I really don't know what I want to do in the future. But I feel like I know, like, I have like a rough draft, I guess a lot of what I what I could do the possibilities and the routes I could take to go do what I want to do.


Kelli  15:29

So kind of a plan A, a plan B and Plan C. Yeah. Love it. So ideally, we're looking at your plan A, what are you thinking as far as college and after college?


Haya  15:41

I'm not sure. I've always been against being a doctor, because I don't know. Like the fact that I have to go to school for that many years and be in depth. That much depth has not really been a fan. Like, I haven't been a fan of that. But I've been through my own personal struggles with medical stuff. So I really like do, like think that it's amazing to be that doctor that, like helps people like helps people, you know, with what they're going through, which makes her life so much better, which I've been that patient before. So I know how it feels. So I just feel like, I don't know, maybe an orthopedics or a physical therapist would definitely be like one of my choices.


Kelli  16:28

Awesome. Well, thank you for joining us. 


Stephanie  16:31

Thank you. 


Haya  16:32

And Nice meeting you too. 


Kelli  16:33

So poised for poised and calm for just 10th grade. You spent some time with us and good luck to you.


Haya  16:41

Good luck to you too..


Kelli  16:43

Thank you. Okay. All right. Welcome, Diego. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us how long you've been an AVID what grade you're in Let's go.


Diego  16:55

 Hi, my name is Diego Cruz. I've been an AVID for three years now. I'm a sophomore, and I started AVID in eighth grade. Okay, so you've been doing this a little bit? Yes. And what do you like about it? AVID for me, AVID is like a schedule. Because I noticed that a lot of my peers, they know what they want to do, but they don't know how to get there. And so I was like a schedule like they tell you every year what you have to do. And that's just amazing. For me, it really helps me a lot.


Stephanie  17:28

I love that. So how do you feel like AVID has changed you as a student?


Diego  17:33

For a student I feel that I've been able to communicate, because because when I was younger, I didn't really have a voice. You know, I didn't know how to access that voice. But now with AVID, it has helped me talk to adults. I've had very much Chaga talking with adults, but now it has helped me now. Yeah, I can't believe that. Yeah, definitely one of my dreams right now. Yeah. Well, good.


Stephanie  18:02

It's great. So with what you just said, so how do you also do you feel like it's made you like a better academically? I've it has it helped you with your academic


Diego  18:12

for sure. I've it is known for organization. They don't lie about that? Yeah, that's helped. That's helped me a lot. Because as some of the other students have said, I used to just put my files, put all the papers in just my backpack and not worry about it. So for sure, the binders, notebook checks has helped so much.


Kelli  18:32

Awesome. And what about let's talk about the community of AVID you know that that AVID family, how's that been for you?


Diego  18:40

That I would family? It's been so amazing, you know, because, because there's so many people who who want to be able to reach that goal that they have the same goal as you. And so together, you, you grow, you really grow together, you know. And this has been so amazing to see people grow with you in something you bond you really do bond with the family and such an amazing experience. 


Kelli  19:03



Stephanie  19:04

Yes. I love that. So speaking of what and why we're trying to get you to college. So I know you're a sophomore right now. But were you thinking about applying when you're a senior?


Diego  19:15

For when I'm a senior? I think I'm thinking about applying for the UCs. For sure. UCS also I'm thinking about applying to Guadalajara the state of Mexico and Mexico City. I was born in Guadalajara and there the University of Guadalajara is one of the best and all Latin American so I've been thinking of there but definitely my first My Plan A is UC's Plan B I just go back back to Mexico. Okay.


Kelli  19:45

What do you think you want to do?


Diego  19:47

I want to do something in STEM. That's okay. I want to do something in STEM. I'm not sure maybe engineering or mathematics, but also theology really piques my interest theology very much is learning about it. Different religions and it's something that so amazing that you like that gives that brings people together and overall makes people try to try to make people better right themselves.


Kelli  20:12

Yeah. Interesting. All right.


Stephanie  20:14

All right. So if you had to give a piece of advice to have a student who was thinking about joining AVID, what would you say?


Diego  20:22

Definitely try it. Definitely try it. It's really, it's really amazing. I know there's certain things about AVID that it might scare you at first, but it's part of the process and trust your AVID teacher and it's really going to get you to the place that you want to be.


Stephanie  20:36

Love it. That's great advice.


Kelli  20:39

Thanks so much for joining us


Diego  20:41

 thank you for your time. 


Stephanie  21:27

Alright, so we're gonna have you introduce yourself say what grade you're in and and how long have you been an AVID?


Abraham  21:31

Well, my name is Abraham Rios. I've, I'm in 11th grade. I'm a junior. I've been an AVID for about five years. So if there was a PhD for AVID, I think I would probably be your guy that you want to talk to.


Kelli  21:43

Alright, so So Dr. AVID. Why don't you tell us what's your favorite part of AVID,


Abraham  21:48

you know, my favorite part of AVID is definitely the community. Being that I've been in here for five years, I've grown with so many people. I mean, like the relationships that I've, you know, had the honor of being able to delve into the luge into, it's just absolutely been fantastic. I mean, like, you know, you meet so many different people in high school. And, you know, like, in high school, we're so socially like, you know, aware, we're like always, like, you know, on our feet, but once you're an AVID like, it just feels like everyone, you know, like my, like the previous person said, like, everyone's trying to achieve the same goal. And it's very reassuring when everyone in your class is like trying to do the same thing you're doing. And it just feels like you have unwavering support from all different aspects of your classes and stuff. And it just honestly provides you with so much motivation and encouragement, especially the teachers, I mean, like the teachers, you know, they definitely contributed like my AVID teacher, Miss maples, she's always been there for me, you know, she's always going above and beyond the call of duty, you know, I could really trust her with anything. And, you know, she, I can tell that she wants to see me succeed. And you know, all my other students as well, all my other peers.


Kelli  22:50

Now shout out to Miss Maples. That's Miss Maples. Top G. we love, Miss Maples?


Stephanie  22:56

So what have you learned about yourself through AVID ?


Abraham  22:58

Um, I learned that I just love to be in the spotlight. I mean, you know, I, I don't like to take the spotlight away from people. But I mean, growing up, I faced a lot of challenges socially. Now. I feel as if I face very little to zero social challenges. I mean, I could talk to anyone like, you know, I feel like AVID has been that kind of gateway that has enabled me to use my voice and to speak to anyone I want. I mean, like, you know, if I see you have a really nice shirt, I'm like, Hey, man, that's a really nice shirt you got there? Or like, you know, I could talk to adults about the economic collapse of Venezuela in 2016. You know, like, it's just so many topics, exactly. Like, you know, it's absolutely infinite. So I think it is definitely enabled me to use my voice, it's taught me to cope. I mean, you know, I was very into philosophy. Like, I love poetry, you know, I love photography. And I think there's various different aspects of AVID that have shown me that, you know, I'm a very virtuous myself, kind of person, I really like to see the deeper meaning I really like to, you know, think outside the box, it's really shown me that I'm very intellectual person that just really is a Curious George.


Kelli  24:06

So how are you going to take all these? How are you going to narrow down all the things in your Curious George mind to figure out what it is that you want to do in the future?


Abraham  24:16

Well, I would probably go for like my strengths. And I would, you know, focus on my weaknesses, because, you see, the weakness has such a negative connotation that it makes you vulnerable makes you, you know, enable, but I feel like weaknesses are quite the opposite. I mean, like, you know, failure just is you learned so much from losing from, you know, failure that it teaches you to become a better person teaches you to try harder. So, I'm actually grateful for a lot of the hardships that I've experienced in my life because they've taught me more about myself, because, you know, if you're always winning, you only learn so much, but once you're failing once you, you know, don't do well, you're like, Man, this doesn't work. I'm gonna try something different. So with that being said, we've had various different aspects of which I know what I'm good at. I know what I can do better. Right, I can condense that down into, okay, these are the things that I need to do to become the best person that I can be. And, you know, I want to help people I want to, you know, make an impact on this world I want to lead you leave a digital footprint. And in order to do that, I need to hone my skills harness that power that chakra that I got inside me and just look to brighter futures you know, like Meet the Robinsons, keep moving forward.


Stephanie  25:25

Very good. So how has AVID made you a better student?


Abraham  25:29

I think AVID is definitely impacted me as a better student because it's taught me a lot of organization skills. I mean, like, you know, there will be times like in middle school where I was just starting off in AVID, so I kind of was, you know, finding my footing, dipping my toes into the pool, if you will, and, you know, just kind of finding out what I need to do the organization, the agendas, you know, I figured out what will need to be done by what certain deadlines and you know, how to organize my papers into a orderly manner in order to access everything, I mean, because like, you know, if you got a kitchen with all you know, like your pans, pots, labels, you know, you name it, you're gonna be like searching all over the place. But once you know, the pots and pans are in the cupboard, the labels are in the little drawer. I mean, like everything is just so accessible. And I feel like it has this, this impact in your mind that it makes you one, it makes you a little bit more encouraged to want to do more because everything's there for you. And you just know what you want when you want it and you can access everything that you that you need.


Kelli  26:24

And so Abbott's helped you kind of cut down on some of the struggles. Oh, definitely. Awesome. So, Abraham, what are what are your plans for future? What do you think 


Abraham  26:34

my plans are? I would like to become a marine biologist. I would like to perhaps become an actor and maybe YouTubers Twitch streamer, you know, because I mean, growing up, I've always been just kind of a little scientific nerd. I mean, like, I love astronomy, I love you know, marine biology. I mean, like, the cephalopods are quite an amazing class of marine life. I mean, you know, my favorite animals, the octopus, very intelligent species. I mean, you know, there's so much about them. That's so interesting. They're so alien, like, you know, I mean, like, since I love astronomy and ocean, I mean, we're constantly thinking about if there's alien life out there, but I think we have alien life down here. I mean, you know, the Twilight Zone, the midnight zone, where there's so much little that we know about it. But we're trying to go out there. I think that we should be going down here because I mean, you got the big fin squid, which is, you know, just this huge, creepy, like amalgamation that just kind of has this 90 degree arm that just drags its tentacles along the floor. I mean, like, how creepy is that? If that's, you know, what is? So I feel like there's just there's so much I want to do I have so much ambition and so many goals that I want to achieve. It's just, I think, the the, I haven't even scraped the tip of the iceberg yet. I think I'm still in the beginning. And there's still much more to come.


Stephanie  27:43

There's a kid after my own heart right here with all this marine biology.


Kelli  27:47

Yeah. Well, we are so excited for just to hear about what's going to happen in your future. It's cool, and thanks for being with us. I'm honored and keep up the good work. 


Abraham  27:59

Thank you very much. 


Kelli  28:00

Thanks, Abraham.  So welcome, Haley. Why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself. Tell us what grade you're in. And how long have you been an AVID?


Hailey  28:41

Okay. Hi, my name is Hailey. I've been an AVID for six years, and I'm a junior.


Kelli  28:47

Okay, so Haley, what, what's been the best thing about AVID for you so far


Hailey  28:53

The best thing about AVID is just somewhere to go. To have like a safe space. I feel like when I go in AVID, it's always kind of been there for me, because I've been in it since I've been so young. So it's just somewhere I could go and be with my friends and just not have to think about the stress of my other days, but kind of be able to relax more and be able to kind of take a minute and just think about what I have to do.


Kelli  29:19

Okay. And I know that you said you were an athlete. And so how does AVID help you kind of keep that balance between school and home and sports. 


Hailey  29:29

With sports, it can it can get a little bit hard because I have to stay after school and then I have games, and then I have to leave early. But the good thing about AVID is that I can do I can get caught up in there. And I have friends that are in AVID that are also in my other classes. So if I ever have a question, I could ask them about what we did in that class. And it kind of just helps me you know, stay on task when I'm so busy, and it's just there for me.


Stephanie  29:59

And then How has AVID made you a better student?


Hailey  30:02

I think AVID has made me a better student, because I feel that I've been more involved in school, like coming into high school, it can be scary because, I mean, I moved up here in eighth grade. So I don't really know that much people since like elementary or something. So it can be definitely scary. But I've always had AVID, so I feel like it has helped me be more involved. Like, I'm also an AVID officer. I'm a community liaison. And I just like help talk to adults about things that we want to do. And I just communicated out to AVID and so they know what we're gonna do. And I've joined I've done taking community college classes. And I've learned about that from AVID, and also with a bunch of clubs, like I'm in, like, interact and like the book club and community service. And I've just learned all these things from AVID. So it's a great way to get opportunities in high school that are not always announced. And not everyone knows about.


Kelli  31:00

Haley, you're all the things you're involved in. And I'm exhausted, just listening to all the things that you're doing 


Hailey  31:07

I know it could be a lot. 


Stephanie  31:08

That's what colleges love, you're well rounded. And that's great. That is very true. So you said you took college classes? So how do you feel like AVID prepared you for taking those classes? Do you feel like it made a difference?


Hailey  31:18

I think it does. They definitely like tell you like exactly, cuz some people have taken them before. So you have an understanding like, oh, this professors like this, they like have a schedule, you have certain amount of homework. So I think it has helped me know what I'm going into before I go into it. And some like classes I could take like, easier before I get into like the harder ones that require more of my time.


Kelli  31:43

So junior year, and so you're starting to make some plans. So what are you thinking for college? What are you thinking that you would like to do after college,


Hailey  31:52

I definitely want to go to a four year obviously, and I want to stay in California, because I know that it could be more to go out of state. And I definitely want to stay in state because I do not want to pay that much. And I'm looking into scholarships, so I can not pay as much. And I've learned that from AVID, and I've just been looking at a few colleges down the hill like you not UC, UC Riverside, Cal State Fullerton, UC San Diego, San Diego State like a bunch of those. And I just I don't know, it just helped me, you know, know where I want to go more. And I think I want to be a criminal psychologist. Okay. And I got this interest from watching like the show like Criminal Minds, stuff like that. Like those things always interests me. So definitely going into that field would be really fun. And something I really would want to do.


Kelli  32:43

So to be a profiler. 


Hailey  32:44

Yeah, that'd be really fun.


Stephanie  32:47

What's been your favorite part about AVID?


Hailey  32:50

My favorite part about AVID has honestly been making friends new friends. When I moved up to here, and eighth grade. I was still in AVID. So I've continued with from sixth grade to eighth grade. But I obviously didn't know people. But when I walked in, I sat next to this girl. Her name was Wendy. And I'm still friends with it right now. But she complimented me and I just felt very like welcomed. So I feel like being able to meet new people is just great about AVID. And that's something I really enjoyed.


Kelli  33:18

Oh, awesome. Well, we've really enjoyed having time with you today. 


Hailey  33:21

Thank you, 


Kelli  33:22

and good luck to you. And we're expecting really great things from you in the future. 


Megan  33:27

Thank you.


Kelli  33:28

And so you just say your name and what grade you're in and how long you've been an AVID and then we'll just kind of have a conversation.


Michael  33:51

Hello, my name is Michael and I've been an AVID for two years. I joined in ninth grade.


Kelli  33:59

And so you are you're a junior now.


Nathan  34:01

Yeah, this is my third year in AVID. 


Kelli  34:03

Okay. Alright, so, Michael, what do you like about AVID?


Nathan  34:09

I like I did it for the college when I first heard about a bit like the seventh grade, I don't remember was about but it wasn't about college, but in eighth grade. They advertised it as a college preparatory class. And that's why I was interested in then that's why I joined it's helped me


Kelli  34:30

so how has it helped you? What do you think? How's it how has it helped you become a better student?


Nathan  34:34

Can I just reflect on my AVID experience? 


Kelli  34:37



Michael  34:40

So I joined the AVID because of course college class. And while it's to support our journey as a student, the end goal is to you know, prepares for college.


Kelli  34:59

And so what about the community like in your class, how's that?


Nathan  35:03

Oh, yeah, it's very supportive in that class, Mr. Maples and everybody, that's actually a big reason why I am doing well still, that, like from the pandemic, the pandemic is, was up in the week. The biggest thing AVID has helped me with is the pandemic. We all are we all here, when we talk about the pandemic, we all hear that we're all in this together. And we all are, and we are all struggling. Well, that is true. We have our own individual experiences though. We all went through different struggles and AVID for me has helped me go through mine. I would say AVID is actually one of the biggest reasons I'm still going. Because from the pandemic, you know, it made us do nothing personally, from what my experience from the pandemic, it forced me to stay home for almost two years. This is one of the reasons I went.


Kelli  36:12

So did AVID help you bounce back after the pandemic?


Nathan  36:15

Oh, yeah. So the pandemic, you know, we did nothing for two years. And I basically forgot how to be a student, I lost my academic ability, right? For the most part and the supportive classroom and Mr. Maples, she is helped me a lot. And she motivated me to keep going. You know, that's why it's when the this that's why he told me.


Stephanie  36:39

What's your favorite part about AVID? What do you love about it?


Nathan  36:43

Well, for me, the most important part is and my favorite part is the way that they helps us as a student prepares for college is the end goal. But like, the AVID really helps us as students and prepares us for professionals how to do better. We are bigger than ever, it helps us to know AVID encourages us to do the most vigorous classes we can. And that pushes us to be better basically.


Kelli  37:12

It's also helping you be better. 


Nathan  37:14

Well, yeah, Because when I like, I feel that if I like feel two classes and the first year and the pandemic because I forgot to be a student. And I barely personally other ones, but like when I bounced back. I really got me, motivated me to keep going good.


Kelli  37:35

And so it helped you bounce back. 


Michael  37:37



Kelli  37:37

Awesome. So Michael, what are you thinking for? For the future? What do you think you would like to be? What do you think you would like to do? Where do you think you'd like to go to college? 


Michael  37:46

One of the reasons I wanted to go to college is because I want to be a professional athlete. Okay. And, and that's why I joined I would, of course, because I want to go to college, and it's helped me prepare for it. Like we do, along with helping us being better students. Oh, yeah, I would, the biggest thing that ever does help us be better student is the organization helps with our organization. We do binder checks, organizer like work and stuff. And then our agendas are really helpful because the agendas, we fill them out. And then we don't have to like think about every single thing that happened for the previous periods in their school. And they really help us helps us to remember everything.


Kelli  38:31

Okay, awesome. Anything you want to add Stephanie?


Stephanie  38:37

Just how has that changed? Do you feel like it's changed you as a student? 


Michael  38:40

Well, definitely. 


Stephanie  38:41



Michael  38:42

Because in the beginning, I was like, doing really well. I had like a 3.9 GPA actually. And do the pandemic experience. AVID helped me like keep going and taught me like perseverance. It taught me how to be keep going. 


Stephanie  39:08

That's awesome.


Kelli  39:09

I hope that that will keep, that will stay with you. And you will make sure that you will remember to persevere. You know what, when you get to college and then even after college. All right. So Michael, thank you for joining us today. Thanks for being our guest. And, and good luck. Nice job.


Lailani  39:51

Hi. So we are gonna have you introduce yourself what grade you're in and let us know how many years you've been an AVID Hi, I'm Leilani. I am a junior and I have been an AVID for four years.


Kelli  40:37

So what has what has AVID done for you Leilani?


Lailani  40:41

AVID has definitely brought me out of my shell. I've made the most friends that I've ever made. And my speaking is getting better. And I'm more acquainted with the world. And I know stuff about college because before I had no idea. And now I do have an idea.


Kelli  41:04

So when you say it's brought you out of your shell, can you give us any examples?


Lailani  41:08

Well, I have I have trouble speaking in front of people. And now I am starting to play soon. And what play are you doing? High School Musical? Awesome. And I'm playing Gabriella. And that's kind of scary. But I definitely it's easier for me to do it now than it was before AVID.


Stephanie  41:34

That's talking and singing.


Lailani  41:37

and dancing, singing and dancing. And same time, scary.


Stephanie  41:41

So what have you learned about yourself being an AVID,


Lailani  41:44

I definitely learned how unorganized I am because I didn't actually think about it before. And not gonna lie. I'm still kind of unorganized. But it's getting better. And again, I think that I just didn't know anything about college. Like I thought I had an idea. But there's so much more that goes into it that I didn't know before. But AVID is helping me see what I need to know.


Kelli  42:08

And so what is it that you're thinking you would like to do? As far as college and then your career?


Lailani  42:15

I don't have the biggest idea. But I'm leaning towards either dance or theater, or taking a completely different route and doing something FBI related.


Kelli  42:27

So like forensic science? 


Lailani  42:28



Kelli  42:29



Stephanie  42:31

What's your favorite part of AVID?


Lailani  42:34

My favorite part of AVID is probably the field trips, because I like seeing all of the different college colleges and seeing their communities and how they do things because a lot of them do stuff completely different. And it's good to know that I have options and know what my options look like and what they are like instead of just like doing research about them and learning about them, but actually get to experience it.


Kelli  42:59

Nice. So Leilani How did you get involved in AVID?


Lailani  43:05

My mom kind of runs AVID.


Stephanie  43:08

You run AVID


Kelli  43:10

mom's your mom sounds fascinating. She doesn't really be something


Lailani  43:13

and she told me to do it. So here we are.


Kelli  43:17

Okay, well shout out to your mom.


Stephanie  43:25

Yes, I will. So what's some advice you have there is a student who was thinking about joining an AVID but wasn't sure what would be some advice you'd have for them? 


Lailani  43:33

I would tell them definitely do it. It's people think that it's like an easy A. But it's not. And you actually need to do work, which, yeah, but I definitely think that they should join AVID because it gives you a different perspective on things and helps you definitely with your grades. And it's not just busywork.


Kelli  44:03

Okay. So anything else that you would like to add about your AVID experience, and what it's meant to you? Um, any shout out you want to give?


Lailani  44:18

I definitely want to give a shout out to my AVID teacher, Miss Maples, because she is the best AVID teacher I've ever had. And she is she doubles as like, a mom to us and our AVID teacher, and she kind of just walks us through life. And it's really helpful to have someone like that.


Kelli  44:38

All right. Well, thank you. Leilani. Thank you. It was so nice meeting you. So just so you know, Leilani is my daughter. And that's why as you can tell, that's why there's some silliness going on in the studio today. So thank you Leilani and we don't want to keep you I know you're anxious to get back to tutorial.  Welcome, Vanessa, do you want to go ahead and introduce yourself and tell us how long you've been an AVID?


Vanessa  45:14

Hello,  my name is Vanessa Perez and I'm a senior and I've been an AVID all four years.


Kelli  45:19

And so what do you love about AVID?


Vanessa  45:24

One thing I love about AVID is the support of constantly having the teachers being there for you. And knowing that they're here for us to succeed, and they're here for us. And it's really nice to have people watching out for us. And it's made me less stressed.


Kelli  45:43

This is a stressful year for


Vanessa  45:46

ya is so stressful, but having them here for us and constant reminded us when to apply to college when UC prompts are due when we should start taking SATs. And it's just really helpful to have people reminding us when to take it because it's hard to like go out for and look at it on your own.


Stephanie  46:03

Very good. And how do you feel like AVID has changed you as a person as a student?


Vanessa  46:09

AVID changed me to be more positive and knowing that I can actually do things on my own. Because before I wouldn't be like nervous, like, I don't know if I could do this. I don't know if I could do that. But to be an AVID shows you that your life is your life. And if you wanted to go for something, you have to go for it on your own. And don't let people hold you back.


Kelli  46:30

I love it. So this is a big year. So tell us what are your What are your plans for college for career.


Vanessa  46:36

So I want to be a math teacher for either math one, math two, or math three. So I've taken a math analysis right now my senior year. But it's really important to take a math your senior year because I do love math. But I was so like nervous because I love math. I love math three. So it was like, I don't really know how I'm going to enjoy math analysis that much. But the teachers constant remind you that if you want to be a math teacher, it's better to take a math class your senior year, because when colleges are looking for what you want to do, they're going to make sure that you're prepared to take those classes. So it's really good to have someone reminding you to take a math class.


Kelli  47:17

I love that you're all about math. That's awesome.


Vanessa  47:21

I really do love,


Kelli  47:22

it's my struggle. So I may be reaching out to get a little help from you.


Vanessa  47:27

Yes, sometimes I do struggle on math, but I feel like everyone's going to struggle in something that they enjoy, like not everyone like and I try to remind myself that all the time because I do struggle in math analysis. But I try remember that everyone is going to struggle in the career they want to pursue, and not to let it stop you.


Stephanie  47:46

You have the passion, you know, you're willing to work through that struggle.


Kelli  47:50

What's been your favorite part of


Vanessa  47:53

the friendships, I think having people here that also wants to achieve their goals. And also want a big part like having a good life for themselves is really inspiring, because it's like when you're in a class that everyone just wants to go like take a gap year or they want to just go to work right after high school. But it's been AVID it's like everyone wants to go to college and just constantly having people that also want the same thing. It's really, it really motivates you to also do it. So I think I really do love the friendships I made.


Stephanie  48:22

I love that. Well, thank you for your interview. That was great. And good luck with your applications. And with senior year.


Vanessa  48:29

Thank you


Stephanie  48:30

You got this.


Kelli  48:32

Where are you hoping to go next year


Vanessa  48:34

I want to go to Cal State San Diego, because it, when I talk to my counselors. He says that it's everything that I want. But in a cheaper price, because I know I want a pretty campus and I want nice library and I want us to like my school because it's so important to enjoy being at your school or else you all want to be there. So I've been really looking at campuses that are pretty because for me, I want to pretty campus. So that's my top priority because I want to go outside and I want to study my lunches, you know, like so I really want to thrive at the college that I go to. And since I'm going to be there for four years, I really it's really important to choose the college that's for you.


Kelli  49:18

I think San Diego States can be a great fit for you. All right, thank you.   All right, Nicole. So what let's start off by once you introduce yourself and tell us how long you've been a part of AVID


Nicole  49:47

Okay. Um, hi, my name is Nicole Valencia. I'm a senior at Oak Hills. And I've been an AVID for six years in seventh grade. Wow. Yeah. It's great.


Kelli  49:59

So you should be, you're the AVID expert. So why don't you share a little bit of your expertise? What can you tell us?


Nicole  50:06

Um, well, I mean, AVID is known to be like your second family, I know that that's what they promote themselves as, but it's actually like really true. And that's what I learned throughout all my years of AVID, especially because of the connections you make with like your teachers, not just your teachers, but like the people there. And since seventh grade, I've had the same classmates for like, throughout the entire year. So I've like watching them grow up as well has also inspired me because of like, what they do not just what I do, too, so yeah.


Kelli  50:35

So really an AVID fam.


Nicole  50:39

Oh, yeah, it's yeah, love everyone there.


Stephanie  50:43

And so how have you grown as an AVID student and as a person just from being an AVID,


Nicole  50:49

um, honestly, just finding my second voice or just finding my voice in general, because at first I felt like I wasn't really heard in school, or and like, just the fact that like, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. After high school, I didn't really know where I wanted to be as a person and like, you know, just everything in general. But because of AVID and the connections I made with my teacher, I now know like, what I want to do and who I want to be in, like, I'm just heard with AVID, I'm just heard, it's like a second family. I can come here and I get the support that like, you know, I can't really get outside of school. So with AVID, I just feel like, you know, supported and organized to the organization is amazing. I mean, I used to be like, horrible. I would have my papers just crumbled at the bottom of my backpack, but with binder checks. And then we have trs two, I feel like I'm much more organized. And I know exactly what I want to do.


Kelli  51:41

Oh, awesome. I love that. So what's been your favorite part about AVID?


Nicole  51:44

Definitely the connection, like personal connection with my teacher? And I don't know if I can speak specifically about her. Give a shout out. Um, okay. Well, my teacher is Miss Allen. And I think she's, oh my gosh, she's literally like the best. Okay, let me not say the best teacher year because like, you know, I don't want to make it. Like she's definitely like, a person that like definitely inspired me and helped me throughout high school, not just with education, but like with my personal life as well. She's definitely been like, so supportive with everything I do. And like, I feel like she's, she just welcomed you with open arms. And she just, everyone in her classroom is like her child. She called everybody her kids. She loves everyone, and she's literally the sweetest person ever. And because of her, I feel like I can do anything.


Kelli  52:30

Well shout out to Mrs. Allen. She's the best.


Stephanie  52:34

So it's senior year, you're working on some applications. Where are you applying to? Are you hoping to go okay,


Nicole  52:41

well, my dream school is UCLA. That's definitely a stretch. I do hope to major in biology. I started psychology this school year, but um, so biology is like, you know, kind of like it because I'm thinking about psychology now. But it's between biology and psychology. And I do plan to apply to UC Riverside. That's probably like my more like, the main school. I'm leaning more towards Fullerton as well. Irvine is also a beautiful school and Long Beach. CSU Long Beach


Kelli  53:14

So you want to stay local. 


Nicole  53:15

Yes, Yeah just down the hill, we're down the hill. area, because that's where I used to live. So I just want to go back down there. 


Kelli  53:27

Thanks so much for joining. 


Nicole  53:28

Thank you so much. Thank you.


Kelli  53:31

Nice job. 


Stephanie  53:59

Hi. So why don't you tell us your name, what grade you're in, and how long you've been in AVID.


Ted  54:04

So my name is Christy Magana. I am a senior Oak Hills High School. I've been an AVID since junior year. And I'm currently an AVID officer. Oh, what does that mean? That means I'm part of the AVID student council, where we make like executive decisions on the activities our students make or the field trips, we kind of decide and my opposite position is digital outreach. So I reached out to like, we were planning to go to UCLA and Cal State University Long Beach. So my job is to contact the schools and find out how we can make an AVID field trip possible.


Stephanie  54:47

I love that the kids do Oh, I always did it as coordinator and I'm like, Man, that was a great opportunity I missed for lots of reasons.


Kelli  54:57

So tell us what does AVID meant to you?


Ted  54:59

What AVID meant to me is a great preparation for college. I have never had that kind of guidance, I guess, like my sister has been, um, she's a first generation college student. But she was never an AVID student and being an AVID has really taught me the correct path on what how can I make myself standout in college applications and stuff like that. And it's something that I've never, you know, the two years that I wasn't an AVID in high school, I was really lost on like, which path to take. And AVID has really guided me to, like, take community service, take your classes seriously take more intense classes, and that's something that I would have never would have made for myself like that decision for myself if it wasn't for AVID So it's really changed you as a person as a student, It definitely has changed me. Um, it's definitely also taught me to be like, closer because I'm also I have my AVID family, I love everybody, my class. There, everybody's the sweetest in there. And I also I'm like, I'm in like events coordinator, I guess, just in our grade level, where every month we we have like a potluck party for like all the birthdays of that list. Amazing. So I am in charge of like making forms and like passing them out to students and making sure everything's being brought in. And like, we kind of do themes when some days and it's just really fun. And I just I love everybody. It's like a great, I guess, emotional experience where you kind of make a family. I already know like, when we have our senior banquet, like I'm gonna be in tears. And I'm just really happy that being an AVID has changed my life, not only academically, but also, I was able to make great great friends and great relationships with not only students but as well as my teacher.


Kelli  57:00

So Stephanie, I'm just wondering where our invitation was for the potluck. So next time, we'll be expecting an invite.


Stephanie  57:08

I feel like she has this whole resume already of things you'd have bought her then planner, then there's digital marketing things you're doing. I'm like, wow, look at her just for you. Ben gets a college. That's awesome. So speaking of college, it's senior year, where are you applying to? Where are you hoping to go?


Ted  57:24

So my career goal is to be a fire fighter pilot. And I do plan on going into a four year university first and then the Air Force. But my top schools right now are out of state schools, Purdue University in Indiana, as well as Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, which is an Arizona I know there's one in Florida, but I can't go that far with my family. And I'm such like a family person. And I, Arizona's far enough. But yeah, and then I also plan on applying to the UCs, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and also the Cal States as well.


Kelli  58:05

Okay. So you've got it all all planned out. 


Ted  58:08



Kelli  58:08

We're excited for you. Thanks for being our guest. And we're looking forward to hearing great things from you in the future. Thank you. Thanks, Christy.


Ted  58:16

Thank you. All right.


Kelli  58:29

We're so excited to have the fabulous Audrey Longshore with us. I'm happy to be here. And so Audrey, can you give us a little bit of we had a chance to work with the students today and talk to the AVID kids and just their love of all things AVID and the kids were just so poised. And you know, just really raved about their AVID experience here. So tell us, how did that happen at Oak Hills High? How did how did this magic come to be?


Ted  59:00

Um, well, first of all, AVID is just fabulous itself. You know, we don't, it doesn't need a lot of help to do what it does well, which is to inspire kids to be more than they ever thought that they could be. That is what AVID does so well, and really, for myself and for Shay Morton, who I coordinated with for 10 years here at Oak Hills. For us. It was just implementing what was already something that was amazing. And that we already knew that it was amazing because we had been coordinators previously. And so we already had experience coming here to Oak Hills. And so when we were asked to sort of head it up here, we were we already knew that it was something that had value and something that could be fabulous. And so it was a lot of hard work and team effort and and just implementing really what is the spirit of AVID, which is just giving kids that feeling that I can have a dream that's bigger than I ever thought it would be. And it just helps that have that focus and that motivation. And then, you know, we have a team of eight teachers, which is extraordinary. I think that that has a big, a big component to this as we have this big team. And so the students really feel like they're supported. It's not a little thing. It's not just a little corner of the world of Oak Hills, it's systemic, in Oak Hills, and there's all these teachers that are a part of the program and, and so the kids really do feel like they're a part of something big.


Kelli  1:00:43

It really is who you guys are here. Yeah. Yes.


Stephanie  1:00:47

So it was very obvious with the students that they felt that sense of community here, the AVID family came up constantly, without any prompting from us that that is what they loved most about it, because they had those connections, they had people they can rely on other students, their teachers, there's just so much love for that. And how do you feel like that came about? Because not every school has that?


Michael  1:01:08

Wow, that's I mean, it's that's one of those things you wish you could bottle somehow and, and just give away? Because it's so powerful. I think that it, I think that it really, it comes from the top, I mean, we've been really fortunate to have incredible support from our administration, and even from the district. And because of that, it just, you just when you have that support, you have that feeling of like, okay, we are a part of something special. And we really take a lot of time to ensure that the students feel like they are a part of a family, we do a lot of team building, we really work hard to do those fun Fridays, we do fun Fridays, where we're together, not only with, you know, you may have freshmen, the same period as seniors. And so you go out to the field, and you play games, you know, so you feel like you have these bigger siblings, even as a part of your family, you know, you're not just the AVID freshman, you're AVID, and we go out and we do these kinds of things together. And I think that that is part of what really Foster's that for these kids.


Stephanie  1:02:19

And it's just it's super evident. Like all of them, I feel like that was just something that they feel such a connection to the program to the other AVID kids. And you know, a lot of them said that was their motivation to keep moving forward and know that they have people that have their back. And it just, that's just such a great testament to what AVID can do for a student, especially a lot of these ones that said they weren't able to talk to anyone, and they're afraid and they didn't have a voice and AVID gave them that voice. And so you guys are just doing great things here.


Michael  1:02:46

You thank you so much. It also brings me so much joy. When I see it. It's not it's so much more about them like they are their family. I mean, yes, as their teacher, I'm also you know, we say they have AVID mom and dad because they have Mr. Morton and myself for the sophomores. And so they have AVID mom and AVID dad, but really, they are their family. And Mr. Morton and I are there they and all the AVID teachers were there to add that extra support to the students, but when they have, but the family is really among them. And that's what's so cool and exciting and to be I sometimes I feel like an outsider to what's going on with them. And that's how it should be like it should I should be the outsider, watching them build this family and build this community. And, and we're just there to sort of give them ways to do that.


Kelli  1:03:39

I love that. And so Audrey remind us, so how long has AVID been here at Oak Hills High?


Michael  1:03:46

Well, it has been here at Oak Hills High since Oak Hills open. And it had, you know, any time you know, anytime you have some turnover with coordinators, you know, it's sort of a sort of a hit and miss kind of start and you know, like, and and Mr. Morton, and I took over for someone who was doing a good job, you know, and just, you know, but, you know, we came in and we had even this bigger vision of what it could be really, because Mr. Capps, who was this is the assistant principal at the time, Mr. Capps had a bigger vision. You know, we really just came along. He asked Shay and I to coordinate because he had a vision that added could be bigger than what it was at that time. And Shay and I came in and said, yeah, it can and it should add it will add it and that's what we did. 


Kelli  1:04:40

And it has 


Ted  1:04:40

and it has.


Kelli  1:04:42

So awesome. So thank you so much, Audrey. Thank you for allowing us to be on campus today and seeing your kids in action. And it's just It's always such a joy. And in the in the immortal words of Mr. Capps. Today was a great day to be a bulldog.


Michael  1:04:59

Yes. Thank you. Thank Good baking. Thank you for giving our students this opportunity to have a voice about what it is that they're doing to so I appreciate you all coming. So thank you so much.


Kelli  1:05:09

You're gonna love listening to it.


Stephanie  1:05:10

Can you tell they enjoyed it? Yes,


Kelli  1:05:13

you are. 100% going to cry.


Michael  1:05:15

Awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you. 


Kelli  1:05:17

Thanks, Audrey.


Stephanie  59:34

That's it for this episode of The RIMS, AVID Roundtable. I'm Stephanie and I'm Kelly. If you have questions, feedback on today's episode or an idea for a future show, please tweet us @RIMSAVID or email RIMSAVID@abcss.net. We'd love to hear from you. And be sure to check out our website RIMSAVID.org For all the latest news and events and something new for our students. We now have an Instagram account just for AVID high school students follow us @RIMS_AVID for important information giveaways, shout outs and more.


Kelli  1:00:06

Thanks again to the Oak Hills High Bulldogs for spending the day with us and sharing their AVID stories. And thanks to all of you for listening, don't forget to follow us on your favorite podcast app so you don't miss a single episode. Join us again next time for more RIMS AVID roundtable will save you a seat