RIMS AVID Roundtable

What's on the menu for the 2022-2023 school year

September 02, 2022 Kelly Hogan-Flowers and Stephanie Downey Season 2 Episode 1
What's on the menu for the 2022-2023 school year
RIMS AVID Roundtable
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RIMS AVID Roundtable
What's on the menu for the 2022-2023 school year
Sep 02, 2022 Season 2 Episode 1
Kelly Hogan-Flowers and Stephanie Downey

Today on The Roundtable, we're talking about what's on the menu for this year, we're gonna give you a few quick highlights, talk about upcoming workshops and trainings, and just let you know what's in store for 2022-2023. 

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Today on The Roundtable, we're talking about what's on the menu for this year, we're gonna give you a few quick highlights, talk about upcoming workshops and trainings, and just let you know what's in store for 2022-2023. 

Tweet us @rimsavid
Just for our high school students @rims_avid
Email: rimsavid@sbcss.net
Check out our website rimsavid.org

Music by ItsWatR from Pixabay - Cali

Stephanie  00:10

Hey AVID family this is Stephanie Downey.


Kelli  00:12

And I'm Kelly Hogan flowers from RIMS AVID


Stephanie  00:14

And you're listening to the RIMS AVID Roundtable, the podcast where we discuss all things AVID. Twice each month on this podcast, we get together with a special guest to talk about their AVID journey, they will tell their story and explain what makes them an AVID rock star. They'll share their ideas, best practices and strategies that they've learned along the way.


Kelli  00:32

So today's episode is going to be a little bit different. Today on The Roundtable, we're talking about what's on the menu for this year, we're gonna give you a few quick highlights, talk about upcoming workshops and trainings, and just let you know what's in store for 22/23. So first off, you may have noticed there been some changes. And the way we're doing our RIMS AVID coaching, we've switched to a K-12 model. And the idea is, for each district, it's going to be one district, one team, one coach. And that way we can seamlessly align the use of AVID strategies and WICOR from the first day of kindergarten to that last day of 12th grade. So that's what's happening. That's the change. So you may have a new coach. But it's all good. We're all excited to have you. And it's going to be a great year. So starting off, let's talk about site team conference. So if you've not yet registered for site team conference, there's still some room available, but it is filling up rather quickly. It's November 28, and 29th. And it's at JW Marriott, Desert Springs Resort and Spa, 


Stephanie  01:48

I'm super excited about this one. 


Kelli  01:49

It's the Site Team conference is always a great time to just get away from school work with your team. It's really where where stuff gets done. And so we're excited to see everybody. We're going to play a little bingo. And of course, it's the return of the scholarship raffle baskets. So just be ready because you know, Tina, and Tommy will be out there hustling those raffle tickets. I didn't want to say bullying, but but you know how you know how it works, the shakedown. So we're really excited about that. And as always, we ask our schools to provide those those baskets of goodies for the raffle. And the school that has that raises the most money, gets the coveted site team at conference basket trophy.


Stephanie  02:41

Got to dust that thing off after sitting for so long.


Kelli  02:45

Yeah, I'm not sure who has that right now. But I think it's on Tina's desk.


Stephanie  02:49

Okay. Or is it with the school? I think the school Oh, someone's really had it for a while they've been reigning champ for three years.


Kelli  02:56

All right, Stephanie, what else have we got?


Stephanie  02:58

So we have a lot of great workshops coming up, we have our middle school and high school coordinator, workshops. Those are two separate events so that the middle school one is on 9/27, September 27. And the high school coordinator, one is on the 29th, two days later. So this is a great opportunity for coordinators to meet with each other meet with their coaches, we'll have our Coach's Corner, it'll be a good opportunity to get a lot of information of what you need for this year. And it's just a great time to be together with other coordinators. I was always my favorite thing about these workshops is that time you get to spend outside of the classroom with people who are doing the same job as you and getting to kind of bounce things off of them. And getting some time with your coaches as well. 


Kelli  03:40

It's a  great time to steal ideas. 


Stephanie  03:42

Yes, that was always just sitting at the table with a bunch of people and be like, Oh, you're doing what or how's that working. And it was always a great thing. As a coordinator. I love that. We are super excited about our senior AVID teacher series. So this used to be a one day boot camp and we've spread it out to eight sessions. They are virtual to make it easier for teachers, I know that it's harder with the time that has changed for our high schools. It's gonna be super informative. We'll have a lot of guest speakers, we're gonna go through everything you need to know as a senior teacher to help support your senior students we know this can be a stressful time for them, there's a lot that goes into being a senior AVID teacher. So Tommy and I are gonna go through everything you need to know this is gonna be a super, super informative series. This starts on September 7 will be our first one. We also have expanded our junior AVID boot camp to a four session series with Holly and Kyle. So they'll go through everything you need to know to get your juniors prepared for their senior year. And those don't overlap. And so you can actually attend both of those if you would like. For our new coordinators, we have our new coordinator series so Tina and Kelly, right will be taking care of you with that. And so that's another great way for if you are a new coordinator, we know that there's a lot on your plate right now. And so this is a great way to learn everything you need to know to stay up to date. Again I get to talk to other coordinators, bounce ideas off Kelly and Tina. And just really get situated with this new position because we know it's, it's a lot on top of your teacher job as well. And then for our new AVID teachers, we have our NEATO series, which is NEATO. And this one is also mainly virtual, but Tommy and I will be doing two in person days where you actually get to go to a school and see some tutorial see some WICOR in action and really get to see what it should look like, as a brand new AVID elective teacher.


Kelli  05:33

And I remember my first year, because I was a new coordinator and new elective teacher. And it was so overwhelming, and I was terrified. And I remember those, the new coordinator and NEATO being really my safe place. Because it's okay to go to those workshops and say, I have no idea what I'm doing. And you know, and we will help you get through it. So if you are a new coordinator, or a new AVID elective teacher, or both, don't worry, we've got you.


Stephanie  06:08

And those are all in the catalog, right. So you don't have to remember all these dates, you can just go into the catalog, see what's available, and just snatch up all the ones you can because there's so much great information, so many things that are happening this year.


Kelli  06:23

So we also are so happy to announce the return of the Knotts Berry Farm trip. So we need some sort of whoo, whoo sound effect. But thank you, Stephanie train will take it. So Knott's Berry Farm are not tonight is back, it's going to be on November 10. Which is great, because the next day is the Veterans Day holiday. So you can stay up late and not have to go to school or work the next day, it's going to be for grades six through 12. And it's from 7pm to 1am. So get a good nap. And join us at Knotts. The information will be coming out very soon. But just save that date. Remember, it's 1110 for Knotts Berry Farm. And we also have a Bingo Night coming up, we're going to be playing bingo at Site team conference. And remember that our Bingo is for scholarships. And so over the last year, when we've been having our our bingo nights, those have funded a number of full scholarships for our students. And so that's really why we do this. So the next bingo will be on October 21. And information about that will be coming out in the AVID alert.


Stephanie  07:44

Another new thing we have on our horizon here is we are switching over our Instagram to be directed towards our students, our high school students. So our Instagram is now for them. So this is a great place for them to get information about college, how to be successful in high school, we're going to do some giveaways and some contests and things which just if you can get your students hooked up with that, and it's at RIMS AVID is our Instagram handle there. But it's going to be it's we're switching it up because we want kids to have a place to go to be able to get the information that they need, that they know that they can see what's coming up, get some help with FASFA, just all different things will come out on our Instagram. We have a lot of different social media still for our teachers and our coordinators and our principals. So we still have our Twitter and our Facebook, but our Instagram now will switch to be a student led social media right so that is our focus now for Instagram. So you can still be signed up, we do recommend that coordinators and teachers are still on it so you can kind of see the information that we're putting out there for them. But this one now will be directed to them. So if you can get your students to sign up, maybe make it part of their bell work or something in the morning to add to that maybe you can do some sort of extra credit for them. But it's gonna be a lot of great information for them. And they're already on Instagram. Anyway, our I think that's what we pick that one. 


Kelli  09:03

All right, so another thing coming for our new AVID elective teachers if you were not able to go to summer institute to attend the implementation, strict community of practice, I almost said strand, the community of practice. We are offering an implementation path in October, October 10, or no October 18 and 20th. And so you can register for that actually on my AVID that that was not on our website. It's on AVID’s website, AVID center. And Stephanie talked a lot about some new series. We also have a WICOR series for AVID Elementary, and it is a six part series. And it's all things WICOR really focusing on organization of time thoughts and materials, using higher level thinking and it's really geared more toward the AVID Elementary and that that starts in January. So make sure you check out the catalog to get some more information about that one.


Stephanie  10:05

And then for our AE principles, if you missed, we did already have some virtual workshops. But we do have another one coming up in on January 20. So if you missed the ones we already had, you can go to that. And that's a great way to get information of what you need, what's coming up how to kind of help support your school, what we're going to do as coaches to support you. And so there's a lot of great information on that one. We'll also have our TK-12, principal, sorry, admin and DL workshop. And so those ones are virtual as well, we'll have some in September, there's a morning and afternoon session, because we know you guys are running your schools, you're busy, we want to make sure you have time to kind of slip out not even slip out, you got to do this from your office, slip away, and join those. So there'll be a morning session and afternoon session one in September, and there also be one in January. And so that's our spring workshop. And that's a great way again, to get information that you need to do some networking to talk to your coaches. And again, it's all virtual, it's free. And so it makes it a lot easier because we know you guys are super busy. But we want to make sure you get the information you need.


Kelli  11:08

And speaking of busy, the last one we want to highlight is for elementary TOSA's. And so that's really for those teachers who have been pulled out of a classroom, who are, you know, campus leaders, district leaders, we want to have an opportunity for you to get some training, and just learn how to use your platform to spread WICOR school wide. And so that's the final one I think we want to talk about today. But you know, of course, check the catalog. Be sure you check the catalog, go to the website, when the AVID alert comes out. Make sure you're reading that because it has all of the latest and greatest.


Stephanie  11:51

Right and so it also makes sure you're checking your emails for your information from your coach because your coach is going to send out all the things you need, calendars to sign up for, for dates to come do your walks and come see your schools. And so don't forget to check those. 


Kelli  12:05

All the things, 


Stephanie  12:06

All the things right lots of information, we know it can be overwhelming, but they're all important. All right. So that's it for this episode of the RIMS AVID Roundtable. I'm Stephanie and I'm Kelly. If you have questions on today's episode or an idea for a future show, please tweet us @RIMSAVID. We'd love to hear from you and be sure to check out our website RIMSAVID.org For all the latest news and events.


Kelli  12:28

Thanks for listening. Don't forget to follow us on your favorite podcast app so you don't miss a single episode. Join us again next time for more RIMS AVID Roundtable, we’ll save you a seat